How Positive Parenting Videos Can Dramatically Change Your Birthing Experience

The emotions surrounding childbirth can range from elation to sheer panic! First time moms are bombarded with stories, both good and bad, about everyone else’s experiences during labor and delivery. These narratives take a toll on the emotions of an already anxious mom-to-be. There are so many decisions to make regarding medical interventions, birth setting, and pain-management techniques, it’s no wonder a new mom is left shaking in her stirrups!

Like all new adventures, the more preparation done before the big day, the better. Kathleen Milligan’s positive parenting videos are a wonderful way for a mom and partner to banish fears and common misconceptions while becoming educated on the real ins and outs of the big day.


Attitude is everything!

It doesn’t take long after the pregnancy announcement for the unsolicited advice to come rolling in. Well-meaning relatives, over-sharing friends, or pushy doctors may chime in with their two cents. Everyone seems to be an expert … except the new mom-to-be, of course. Often times she is left to take on the attitudes and assumptions that have been carelessly cast upon her about pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Positive parenting videos are designed to connect with women – barefoot, pregnant, and wide-eyed – to assure them that what they’re feeling is normal, and that the special day of delivering their baby will be all they’ve ever hoped it would be. The video series propels women toward positive thinking, empowerment, and feelings of loving anticipation.

Education: Unedited.

Learning about the mind, body, and process of childbirth is, in itself, a very calming tool for moms and their partners. Understanding the capability of a woman’s body to give birth unassisted is nothing short of miraculous. Fear creeps in when misinformation is given and irrelevant interjections are shared. Positive parenting videos are a foolproof means of educating oneself on the bare truths about pregnancy and childbirth. The mystery of childbirth should never be sugar-coated or misconstrued, but lovingly and optimistically presented. Each stage of childbirth is welcomed as another positive step to meeting the baby!

Zen is your friend.

Hypnosis for childbirth is advocated in Kathleen’s positive parenting videos. Hypnosis for childbirth is a fancy way of saying that a mom-to-be is prepared with education, pain-management techniques, a strong, positive mindset, and a practiced level of relaxation.  Women are encouraged to embrace each stage of labor by welcoming the strains and tensions felt in the body as means of guiding the baby into this earth. Hypnosis for childbirth encourages the use of calming terms and phrases during each stage of labor to replace mainstream terms associated with anxiety, pain, or fear. Hypnosis for childbirth is useful for any couple who wants to avoid an exasperating childbirth experience. It can benefit any birthing mom in any setting under any circumstances. Hypnosis for childbirth is a calm-inducing, jitters-eliminating technique to harness the power of the mind in joining the body for a successful, even joyful, adventure in giving birth.


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