Making Hypnobirthing Techniques Work for You

How Hypnosis for Childbirth Can Benefit Every Mom-to-Be

At first glance, a joyful and comfortable labour and delivery may not seem to be within the realm of possibility. Historically, we have been trained to believe that childbirth is an excruciating process that is unfortunate but essential in contributing to the human race. This misconception couldn’t be further from reality. This untruth sadly causes fear and undue anxiety in the hearts and minds of expectant mothers. Knowing that half the battle of any physical challenge lies in the mind, hypnobirthing techniques aim to reconfigure the mindset of mothers, fostering positive beliefs and encouragement toward the realities of the beauty of childbearing.

Hypnosis for Childbirth Alters the Mind

Hypnobirthing techniques don’t affect consciousness, as commonly believed. Hypnosis for childbirth alters the mind by ingraining essential truths, reinforcing encouraging beliefs, and fostering self-confidence. In hypnobirthing class, moms-to-be will be educated on their natural abilities to achieve a safe, easy, and essentially pain-free childbirth. Knowing the physiological process of labour and delivery will empower a mother to harness the power of mind, body, and soul to result in the healthy birth of her newborn baby. The mind’s pathways will be reconfigured to focus on what the body can do and how to listen to her baby and her body throughout the progression of labour and delivery. She will begin to realize the power she has to bring forth new life in a stress-free way.

Hypnobirthing Techniques Eliminate Anxiety

Anxiety surrounding childbirth stems from a lack of solid education and from harboring unrealistic expectations. Hypnosis for childbirth banishes anxiety by embracing the realities of labour and delivery. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the miraculous are all explored and welcomed with anticipation when utilizing hypnobirthing techniques. The progression of childbirth is accepted and welcomed through hypnosis for childbirth. Positive self-affirmations are practiced often and consistently in hypnobirthing. These meditations are verbalized before, during, and after the labour and delivery, fostering confidence and self-assurance for mom and her birthing partner.

Hypnosis for Childbirth Helps to Create an Enjoyable Birthing Experience

The ideal childbirth will be stress-free, gentle, and joyful. The misconception that labor is ridden with pain, screaming, and stress doesn’t have to be the reality. Natural childbirth can be enjoyed by both the mom and her birthing partner when hypnobirthing techniques are learned and practiced ahead of time. If hypnosis for childbirth is followed during labour and delivery, both mom and her partner can experience a serene, loving, and relaxing experience in childbirth, all while remaining awake, alert, and in control throughout the process.


Positive Parenting Videos to Help Moms Get Back to the Basics

Moms Can Enjoy Childbirth the Natural Way!

How childbirth practices have changed over the years! What once took place in one’s own bedroom evolved to a sometimes extended hospital stay (even with no complications). While there is certainly a time and a need for medical care and intervention, giving birth has become a major medical event even when it doesn’t need to be. Thanks to optimism from positive parenting videos and encouragement from women who profess to enjoy childbirth, women everywhere are taking a new look at how they’re giving birth and how they’d like to experience their labor and delivery in the future.

Couples Attending Ante Natal Class Together

Where’s the Breakdown?

A number of misunderstandings regarding the truths about childbirth have taken over today’s common culture. Women everywhere are conditioned to fear childbirth and to numb their bodies as much as possible when the time comes. What’s not as publicized, however, are the potential hazards and disadvantages to doing so. While every woman must decide for herself how she will proceed on the D-day, a strong understanding of the facts is essential.

Research commonly supports the fact that pain management through medical intervention often causes drowsiness in mom and baby, nausea and vomiting for mom, injection-site pain, and many more serious issues. But, what’s a mom to do when she feels this is her only option for a pain-free childbirth? Positive parenting videos that encourage natural childbirth can enlighten a mom-to-be and help her understand there are other alternatives, such as hypnobirthing, to enjoy childbirth.

The Road Less-Traveled

Mainstream doctors typically recommend women give birth while fully medicated in a hospital setting. Women who choose an alternative birthing method or setting are the exception. Compared to mothers in previous generations, women today have the advantages of tools like positive parenting videos that will walk them through how to enjoy childbirth the natural way. Positive parenting videos will equip mothers-to-be with tools that inform, encourage, and guide them through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. There are essential tools a mom can put to use such as mental preparations, positive affirmations, and physical positioning that can encourage a pain-free and seamless delivery of a healthy baby.

Just because it’s the road less traveled, giving birth the natural way isn’t out of the norm nor too far-fetched. Natural childbirth is a beautiful, enlightening experience for many women. Any way a woman brings new life into this world is incredible, and many women find that they enjoy childbirth even more when they are completely in tune with and in control of their own bodies. The natural progression of labor is manageable with a positive mindset and tools and techniques to aid the body with pain management and expediting the baby’s journey into his or her new home!

How Childbirth Coaching Classes Guide You Through Labor and Delivery

A Pain-Free Childbirth Course Offers Relief in Natural Childbirth

The anxiety that comes with giving birth for the first time is a real thing. The toll it takes on the body and mind is life-changing. But, labor and delivery don’t have to be riddled with pain and hardship. Childbirth coaching classes can walk you through realistic expectations of these processes and give you hope for a pain-free childbirth experience, even in the absence of medication.


The state of mind is a powerful thing. Many women are led to believe that childbirth is an unnatural and torturing event. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The woman’s body was created to perform the exceptional miracle of childbirth, and with the right mindset, it can be done with little to no pain. Pain-free childbirth classes help to alleviate fears and anxiety associated with giving birth and can lead to a joyful and positive experience during delivery.


Mind and Body Working Together

Childbirth coaching classes aid in allowing your mind and body to work together toward the common goal of a pain-free childbirth. Using the power of positive thinking, armed with knowledge of the biological process the mom and baby are experiencing, and possessing realistic expectations about labor and delivery allow the most enjoyable experience in childbirth possible.

Body Positioning

Pain-free childbirth courses inform the mom-to-be on body positioning most conducive to allowing the baby to move safely, freely, and quickly down the birth canal. Whereas the typical position in the hospital when hooked up to an epidural is to be lying down, there are many more body positions that help labor progress more quickly and without pain than that of lying horizontally.

Partner Involvement

Childbirth coaching classes are a wonderful way to involve both parents in the process of a natural delivery. Both parents will gain information on what to expect during labor and delivery, and the father will learn how best to give support during the time of childbirth. A pain-free childbirth course will also give the father options to help reduce stress, pain, and anxiety over the course of labor and delivery.

Childbirth Coaching Classes: What You Need to Know

Pregnancy is a beautiful and emotional time, whether you’re a first-time mom or a family planning pro. Those nine months will be filled with a sometimes-unending stream of advice from others, often unsolicited! For first-time mothers, especially, this can be a confusing and emotionally draining time, filled with questions that seem to have a hundred different answers. Childbirth coaching classes are a great way to get those questions answered.

A birthing education class will provide a wealth of information, including:

  • How your baby is developing at each stage of your pregnancy
  • What to expect during labor and delivery
  • Your options for pain relief during pregnancy and labor
  • Tips for baby and postpartum care

The benefits of taking a childbirth class


There are many benefits to childbirth classes. Hospital-based classes will include a basic overview of labor, as well as a tour of the birthing facilities and any options that are available there. Natural childbirth classes are also an option for mothers who want to deliver without the use of epidurals and who want to avoid Caesarian (C-section) births.

These educational classes will help you find confidence in yourself and your body, and can help alleviate any fears or anxiety you may have. Your partner can also attend the classes with you, which would promote their involvement in your pregnancy, and is also a wonderful bonding activity that will prepare you both for parenthood.

One of the most valuable resources these classes provide is the network. You’ll be able to ask questions, share stories, and learn with mothers and couples who are going through the same experiences as you. Many people who attend childbirth coaching classes find lifelong friends that stay with them well after their pregnancies.

What can I expect in my childbirth coaching class?

While every class is different, each one will offer the following:

  • Valuable information about your pregnancy
  • Nutrition and exercise tips
  • Relaxation tips
  • Rehearsal for labor, including positioning and options for pain relief
  • Learning how to breastfeed, change diapers, and other baby care tips
  • Postpartum care for baby and mother
  • Guidance for your partner/coach/doula on how to support the mother in each stage of pregnancy
  • Warning signs for before and after delivery, and information on how to prevent complications

There are many childbirth education classes out there, so look for one that makes you feel safe and comfortable. You can find birthing coaches for home or hospital delivery, depending on your preference. Regardless of their methods, childbirth classes are intended to help you have a positive childbirth experience.

For more information on how to manage the final days of pregnancy, certified doula and hypnotherapist Kathleen Milligan offers a free 3-day video series filled with love, inspiration, and advice for a positive birthing experience.

How Positive Parenting Videos Can Dramatically Change Your Birthing Experience

The emotions surrounding childbirth can range from elation to sheer panic! First time moms are bombarded with stories, both good and bad, about everyone else’s experiences during labor and delivery. These narratives take a toll on the emotions of an already anxious mom-to-be. There are so many decisions to make regarding medical interventions, birth setting, and pain-management techniques, it’s no wonder a new mom is left shaking in her stirrups!

Like all new adventures, the more preparation done before the big day, the better. Kathleen Milligan’s positive parenting videos are a wonderful way for a mom and partner to banish fears and common misconceptions while becoming educated on the real ins and outs of the big day.


Attitude is everything!

It doesn’t take long after the pregnancy announcement for the unsolicited advice to come rolling in. Well-meaning relatives, over-sharing friends, or pushy doctors may chime in with their two cents. Everyone seems to be an expert … except the new mom-to-be, of course. Often times she is left to take on the attitudes and assumptions that have been carelessly cast upon her about pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Positive parenting videos are designed to connect with women – barefoot, pregnant, and wide-eyed – to assure them that what they’re feeling is normal, and that the special day of delivering their baby will be all they’ve ever hoped it would be. The video series propels women toward positive thinking, empowerment, and feelings of loving anticipation.

Education: Unedited.

Learning about the mind, body, and process of childbirth is, in itself, a very calming tool for moms and their partners. Understanding the capability of a woman’s body to give birth unassisted is nothing short of miraculous. Fear creeps in when misinformation is given and irrelevant interjections are shared. Positive parenting videos are a foolproof means of educating oneself on the bare truths about pregnancy and childbirth. The mystery of childbirth should never be sugar-coated or misconstrued, but lovingly and optimistically presented. Each stage of childbirth is welcomed as another positive step to meeting the baby!

Zen is your friend.

Hypnosis for childbirth is advocated in Kathleen’s positive parenting videos. Hypnosis for childbirth is a fancy way of saying that a mom-to-be is prepared with education, pain-management techniques, a strong, positive mindset, and a practiced level of relaxation.  Women are encouraged to embrace each stage of labor by welcoming the strains and tensions felt in the body as means of guiding the baby into this earth. Hypnosis for childbirth encourages the use of calming terms and phrases during each stage of labor to replace mainstream terms associated with anxiety, pain, or fear. Hypnosis for childbirth is useful for any couple who wants to avoid an exasperating childbirth experience. It can benefit any birthing mom in any setting under any circumstances. Hypnosis for childbirth is a calm-inducing, jitters-eliminating technique to harness the power of the mind in joining the body for a successful, even joyful, adventure in giving birth.

Navigating the Natural Childbirth

So You Decided On A Medication-Free Labor and Delivery. Now What?

Making the decision to go without medication during the birth of your baby is a huge step. But once you’ve made that choice, many additional choices follow. When, where, who, and how – these are just a handful of the factors you must carefully consider in order to have a safe and positive experience during childbirth. Every woman’s decision is unique and there’s oftentimes not a right or wrong answer when making decisions about your labor and delivery experience.

The Face-Off: Birthing Center vs. Hospital

A natural childbirth can be held in either a birthing center or a hospital. Depending on how open and supportive your doctor is, it is possible to have a successful and non-invasive childbirth experience in a hospital setting. If your doctor gawks at the idea of seeing you labor and deliver your baby with no medications and only natural remedies, you may consider opting for a birthing center. Once a woman makes the decision to go at it with no medications, it is imperative that everyone around her supports her decision, including her doctor, partner, and anyone else who will be present at the birth.

 At the hospital there is always the option of changing your mind and taking advantage of medicine. This can be a positive or negative, depending on your outlook. If you don’t want that option, this may not be the right setting of choice. However, if anything unexpectedly went wrong for you or your baby, the hospital is the best place to be. In the hospital, you will have a revolving door of nurses and doctors. If you prefer a quieter, more private experience, you might not head there when it’s go time.


At a birthing center you are without the option of epidural or other pain medications. The setting is highly conducive to moving around, getting in and out of the water, alternative pain relieving techniques and tools, etc. You are also surrounded only by people who are completely on board and experienced in natural childbirth. You are guaranteed support and sound advice in a birthing center. You have a much more private experience and the most possible control over your circumstances in this setting.

The Face-Off: Doula or No Doula?

A doula is a natural childbirth coach who acts as a support and advocate for the laboring mom and partner. A doula will be by your side at either the hospital or a birthing center and remain with you through your entire labor and delivery.

With a doula, parents are equipped with a very well-educated and experienced childbirth coach who is present at the most crucial time. The doula is often aware of alternatives that (in a hospital setting) aren’t always offered to a mother during childbirth. A doula is usually up on pain-free childbirth solutions and alternative remedies, such as hypnobirthing techniques. She will act as a mediator between doctors and nurses and will be a wealth of information for the parents-to-be.

Without a doula, parents are on their own (other than the midwife or doctor and nurses). For a couple who prefers less people be involved and present at the birthing center or hospital, they may not prefer a third party in attendance. When taking this route the parents will need to make sure they are well-informed on all relevant options ahead of time. Online childbirth classes and childbirth coaching are available to parents who wish to fully educate themselves before it’s time for labor and delivery.

The Face-Off: Pain Management Solutions

Other than having a supportive and loving partner available to weather the intensity of labor and delivery, pain management during natural childbirth is a top priority. There are various methods, techniques, and courses that will achieve the end goal of having a healthy baby and mom during delivery. These techniques are best utilized in combination with one another rather than just choosing one or two.

Pain management during natural labor ranges from changing positions to breathing techniques, massage, aromatherapy, and water birthing. The use of a birthing ball, slow, deep breathing, massage therapy, and Jacuzzi tubs or showers – these are all wonderful and effective ways of alleviating anxiety and lessening the pains of labor. A mother can take advantage of a pain-free childbirth course, an online birthing course, and childbirth coaching classes in order to educate herself and her partner about all pain management options. It is absolutely possible and attainable to enjoy childbirth without the use of medications!

Positive Parenting – How it Benefits You and Your Kids

Many parents are confused by their child’s behavior, especially if it’s repeated over and over. You can tell them not to do something a hundred times over, and they will still attempt whatever it is you asked them not to. No matter how many times you tell them it’s wrong, a child may repeatedly hit their sibling, for example. Parents find themselves asking their child why? Why do you keep doing what I’ve asked you not to do? The truth is, your child doesn’t know, but science does. Our brains aren’t fully developed until we are in our twenties, and there are stages along the way that dictate what our brains can and cannot comprehend. This science is what drives positive parenting.

Positive parenting can’t be defined by a specific set of rules or guidelines. It’s more of a belief, and a way of living that demonstrates your respect for children. It’s a belief that children deserve that respect, and need to be raised with nurturing and love in an environment free from fear of shame or punishment. Positive parenting is gentle guidance that teaches children right from wrong without being punitive and steers them on the path to becoming well rounded, respectful citizens.

Couples Attending Ante Natal Class Together

Benefits of Positive Parenting
We all are very much aware of the adverse effects corporal punishment, such as spanking, has on a child, and more and more parents are moving away from the once popular use of time out. A key aspect of positive parenting is catching your child doing something right rather than focusing on everything they do wrong. Every child will misbehave, no matter how well they are raised and no matter how much love they receive. Focusing on the positive things your child does gives them more self-confidence and reinforces that they are inherently good. A child constantly criticized for misbehavior learns that they are not worthy of love and that they are bad.

There are proven benefits to positive parenting, both for your child and for you. Not only does focusing on the positive aid optimal brain development, it also maximizes the development of cognitive functions. Also, when a child receives love and compassion, he or she learns how to reciprocate with love and compassion towards their parents and others. By engaging in positive parenting, you will raise a responsible and concerned child who can show more empathy for others. Finally, and maybe most importantly, with positive parenting your child has an increased chance of developing into a more productive and successful member of the society in their academic and professional life.

How to Learn About Positive Parenting
There is a lot of information online about positive parenting, from blogs to classes to videos. Online videos are a great way of learning about positive parenting because it brings the classroom into your home. By utilizing videos, both you and your partner can watch at the same time and discuss methods, so you are both on the same page in your parenting style. When looking for information sources, be sure to filter where you place your focus. While a mommy blogger is probably very well intended, it doesn’t mean that she’s an expert on positive parenting. Conflicting information is out there. Be sure your information is coming from a reputable source that you can trust. If you don’t know who or what you can trust, do your research—your children are worth the extra time it will take.